US Team visit to India

Explore the dynamic synergy of leadership and teamwork as they navigate through vibrant interactions and collaborative sessions during their visit to our India teams.

POSH Training- Employee Sensitization Training

Empowerment begins with knowledge. We are thrilled to showcase moments from our recent POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) training session, where our dedicated employees came together to learn, discuss, and embody our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive workplace environment. Through education and awareness, we empower each other to recognize, prevent, and address issues of harassment, ensuring that everyone feels respected and valued. Together, we are driving positive change and creating a workplace culture built on trust, respect, and equality.

HEXATIC's New Home

A Celebration of Growth and Innovation
Glimpses of the memorable event and the beginning of an exciting
new era at HEXATIC Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

🎉Hexatic has relocated to a vibrant new office space, marking a significant milestone in the journey of expansion and dedication to serving our valued clients and employees.
Our new space is more than just walls and desks; it symbolizes the culmination of our unwavering determination and hard work. 🎊🎊


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